Chimney cleaning

Following are the jobs done
  • Clears ash and soot.
  •  Layer of creosote is removed.
  •  Standard chimney brush is used.
  •  Modern tools (vacuums, cameras and special chimney cleaning tools) are also used.
  •  To prevent the dispersion of dust and debris, sweeps are done from the bottom of the chimney.

Window Cleaning

Following are the jobs done
  • Washing or cleaning glass windows.
  • Removes dust, dirt and other substances.
  • Performed by applying a detergent to the glass.
  • Removing the detergent.
  • Drying the glass with a Squeegee.

Gutters, facia and soffit cleaning

Following are the jobs done
  • Professional Gutter Cleaning Services and Facia Removal Maximizing Quality and Minimizing Cost and Damage
  • Not Cleaning and Maintaining Gutters can Damage the entire expensive Gutter system
  • Provides a save and clear passage for the water and faces to flow
  • Equipped with all the necessary and right equipments as well as the trained professionals.
  • Testing of the Gutters after Cleaning to properly audit the entire Gutter Cleaning process.

Power washing….deckings, walls, roves, gutters and driveways

Following are the jobs done
  • Pressure and Power Washing for Your Decks,Walls,Roves, and Gutters
  • Pressure and Power Washing Your Home can add glamour to it.
  • Powerwash the exterior of Your house to add beauty to it, it will increase its price
  • Power Wash can remove stains from Your Home, walkways, as well as Walls and roves.
  • Conact us to avoid lines/machines/Cleaning machines/renting/high Cost

Upholstery and carpet cleaning

Following are the jobs done
  • A Dirty carpet can cause plenty of skin and allergy problems to Your childrens and family
  • There is a need to clean carpet atleast once in an year.
  • Upholstery Cleaning includes the Cleaning of the sofa,charis and other like furniture
  • We adopts the latest techniques and updated and safe equipments for clearning
  • Upholstery and carpets contains the gems and stains that can only be cleaned with the updated equipment

Drain and CCTV Survey . Mapping and tracing also

Following are the jobs done
  • Drain CCTV Surveys keeps the drainage system in good conditions all the times.
  • Drain CCTV Surveys helps to keep the drains running without any flaw or glitch.
  • We are experts in using the latest Drain inspection camera technolgy and equipment.
  • We are masters in the tracing of the errors in the drains, its mapping as well as fixing.
  • A Smooth Drain CCTV Survey can helps you meet IPPC Licence Requirements.

General or small maintenance.

Following are the jobs done
  • The General includes all the kinds of maintenance e.g. Home,office,apartment,garden,school,building,clearning.
  • Small maintanence includes the stains Removal, Pressure Cleaning, and Power Cleaning of Home or equipments.
  • Our Small maintenance tasks covers both interior or exterior of the building/Home on request.
  • In our General and Small maintenance are the Cleaning of the Gutters for the Smooth flow of the faces and water.
  • Other Small maintenance tasks includes sofa Cleaning, carpet Cleaning and Pressure Cleaning of all.